Services for Architects, Designers and Engineers

Services for Architects, Designers and Engineers

Whether you’re looking for boutique installations for custom baths and kitchens, radiant floor heating, landscape water features, or more, Gateway can design a system that works for your needs in the most efficient and maintainable manner possible.

Gateway’s experience working as heating specialists and plumbers in the NYC area for more than 3 decades has given us the opportunity to design and install heating and plumbing equipment in a variety of demanding settings.


While working in luxury multi-family buildings, single-family townhouses, art galleries, office spaces of all kinds, new construction projects, and at various other locations, Gateway has garnered a reputation of expertise, reliability, and adaptability in the field when it comes to designing heating and plumbing systems that fit the particular aesthetic and functional demands of a job.



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Gateway Plumbing & Heating is a family owned and operated business servicing New York City.