As local Steam Heating Experts in New York City, we offer a comprehensive walkthrough of your building to let you know how to resolve those annoying noises and imbalance you’ve been living with for years. The owner of the company will address your concerns by conducting a thorough room-by-room inspection of your heating system. He will find the source of any excessive noise in the piping or radiators and give detailed instructions on how to fix it. He will determine the proper boiler size for your home or building and compare it to what is currently there.

Full service Heating System Evaluations are done by our heating experts throughout the year. Many systems we evaluate are hot water (hydronic), but overwhelmingly, it is steam heating that we are called to work on.

Very often boilers are replaced throughout the years with grossly-oversized units. These units consistently waste fuel and cost way too much money to run. Replacing a boiler without having all the building’s information will likely lead to a poor installation resulting in a 20-30 year commitment to inefficiency and a problematic system.

Upon receipt of your payment, the evaluation will be emailed to you as a Word or PDF Document. You should use the information given to make an informed decision about how best to make repairs or other alterations to your heating system at their estimated costs. It should also help you choose a contractor for the specified tasks and since you’ve already paid Gateway, there is no pressure to use their services to make the repairs.

The cost of the Evaluation depends on several factors such as the size of the building, number of units, type of system, etc. This service is payable by check, credit card or cash. It takes about an hour in a typical townhouse or several hours in a larger multi-family of commercial buildings and access is sometimes needed to all units and all visible portions of the system.